How you can help

The hospice requires approximately $700,000 a year for the community to operate annually. This is the shortfall between the Government funding available and the level of care that we believe our patients deserve.

  • General donations are gratefully accepted at any time. These can be made online through the Hospice New Zealand website and will come to Hospice Marlborough. Alternatively gifts may be dropped in at the hospice reception or sent via the post.
  • Regular donations can be set up via automatic payment.
  • Other opportunities to donate are offered throughout the year including: envelope and street appeals, direct mail, and other events such as raffles, dinners, auctions, festivals.
  • Major donations should be discussed with the Fundraising and Promotions Coordinator on 03 578 1373. Hospice Marlborough also has a ‘forever’ Foundation. People may choose to give significant donations to the Foundation including bequests.

Donations in Kind
The hospice needs money primarily to cover ongoing operational expenses. For this reason we much prefer gifts of money which can be used to pay for essential costs. However, some supporters have items of value which they would like to give the hospice e.g. jewellery, artwork, furniture or vehicles.

People are urged to contact the Promotions Manager to discuss these gifts in advance. Email:

Special Events
The hospice runs a variety of promotional and fundraising events during the year. Many of our supporters choose to organise their own event or activity to raise money for the hospice. This is a fun and valuable way to support a good cause. The Promotions Manager can provide help and guidance and should be approached at the start of planning any event.

For more information on any of these ways of giving email:

Everyone’s time is precious and we appreciate those who volunteer to work for the hospice. Information about volunteering can be sourced by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator 03 578 9492 or download the application form here.