It is with pride and satisfaction that we present to the Marlborough Community our Vision and Strategic Plan for the years ahead (2021-2024).
In November 2020, we changed from being a Trust that provided facilities from which the Marlborough Palliative Care services were carried out to a Trust that owns, operates and manages the full service for the Nelson Marlborough DHB and the whole Marlborough Community.
The handover was a huge undertaking for the Trustees, led by Chairman Peter Tolan, the Salvation Army, led by Lt Colonel Lynette Hutson and Hospice General Manager, Nicki Kitson. These three were instrumental in leading the two teams forward during this period of change.
Nga mihi, thank you to the Salvation Army.  I wish to acknowledge the work of the Salvation Army in managing and serving our community since 2003, delivering services of the highest standards.
Looking forward, the new responsibilities are a huge opportunity for us. The Trustees look forward to the challenges of building on the great work that had been done so far.
Our Strategic Plan provides a platform for our team to grow and enhance our service, to deliver with confidence, commitment and compassion, specialist palliative care to our community. Its production has involved several months of meetings, discussions and considerations. My gratitude to everyone who has contributed to its development including our local iwi.
Our strategic focus is to build robust and sustainable relationships with the Marlborough Community and to provide exceptional quality of care and support to our patients and their whānau. In addition, we will work with our wider partner network, Hospice New Zealand and all Hospice services around New Zealand, to build policies and processes, initially in 2021 with the End of Life Choice Act 2021. To do this we will continue to invest in our employees, volunteers and infrastructure.
The above would not be possible without volunteers, our fundraising team and our Hospice Shop in Redwoodtown. Our shop Manager and her team have done an amazing job of upgrading our facility in in the last three months. We are both admiring and grateful to the fundraising and shop team for the great work they do.
I am confident that our strategic direction, set out in this plan, will fulfil our vision and mission and will ensure Marlborough Hospice is at the forefront in addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with improving the growing needs of our community.  As in the past, our future success will depend greatly on the continued financial support from our community and commitment from our employees and volunteers.

Phil Vink, Chairman, Marlborough Hospice Trust


To read the full copy of the Strategic Plan click here Hospice Marlborough Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024